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Position: Home > About Us > About ICEach is a professional online market and main-stream network media in Integrated Circuits field who was founded in Oct. 2002. We offer professional internet application services about B2B E-business and network marketing of IC industry. built a good cooperation relationship with many global purchasers, suppliers and media of electronic and IT products, so we have a high reputation in this field. Now, possesses of a number of registered members and our daily quantity of users’ access has reached to 100 thousand per day which ranks among the best. We provide a professional platform of spreading products on internet for many suppliers in IC field. In Baidu or Google, about the keyword (such as IC or IC website something like these) search ranking, tops the list. Because of our extension effect receiving, we got the positive feedback and broad authorization!

Corporation Nature:
     Various projects of employee training helps employees grow stronger and receive a good achievement!

For example:
1. The series tutorials of new employees in sales department;
2. Lots of market hotspot and focus trainings holding, such as internet extension training, LAN knowledge training, computer security knowledge training, database
     knowledge training, etc.
3. Various training inside each department;