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The report notes that 2010 is to continue to address the international financial crisis and 74LS148 maintain steady and rapid economic development, accelerate the transformation of economic development in the crucial year. China's economy faces many favorable factors, the national economy maintained steady and rapid growth is expected to continue the basic trend. But domestic demand recovery of the foundation is not solid, the endogenous driving force of economic growth to be enhanced, capacity of independent innovation should be further improved, continues to expand consumption, optimize economic structure to achieve emission reduction targets and the arduous task of financial and monetary fields potential risks can not be ignored, the international spread of sovereign debt crisis, trade frictions and other countries in stimulus uncertainty out of the external environment for development will also have an important impact.

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The eastern region will strengthen the institutional innovation and 74LS148 industrial upgrading, in the lead in development, based on full participation in international competition and cooperation. The central region will implement the plan for the central region, and actively develop modern agriculture, consolidate and enhance the status of important energy and raw material base for modern equipment manufacturing and high-tech industrial base, strengthen the comprehensive transportation hub. The western region will further promote the western development, increase in minority areas, border areas of support efforts. Speed up the revitalization of old industrial bases in northeast China, to support key industries and key enterprises mergers and acquisitions, technological transformation and innovation. Promote coordinated regional economic development, focusing on comparative advantages to play around, targeted around the development to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems, to reverse the widening gap between the regional economic and social development trends, enhance the development of coordination.