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Valve industry is about more than 5,000 enterprises, with annual sales income over 5 million only seven, more than one million 3, 2 billion of business a no. Domestic market share of nuclear Soviet Union, only the valve the rest of a company more than 2% were below 1%. The scale of such enterprises is difficult to produce in the market, shocking, and 74LVC16245ADL the industry competitive internationally renowned companies is even more difficult. To change this situation as soon as possible, in addition to their own growth factors, the most effective way is through the joint between enterprises, mergers, and restructuring to achieve corporate expansion capital to further expand market share, remain unbeaten in the competition. This is more popular in today's international economic practices, but also the future direction of development of the industry during the valve problem. To emancipate the mind on this issue, according to loudly proposes "new breakthroughs in reform, development of new ideas," the requirement to break the district boundaries, breaking the boundaries of ownership, breaking the boundaries of the traditional division of labor. Joint enterprises as long as possible to try to dare to do, with 3-5 years and strive to create value more than 500 million and even some 10 billion yuan of enterprise groups.

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Three mines with "crisp" gesture, seems to have dominated the change in the situation: First, clearly the intent of the pricing change, while explicitly declared and 74LVC16245ADL signed most of the world steel spot prices based on short-term or temporary contracts. Global steel mills are "angry" as the first reaction, replaced the "helpless" as the second reaction, followed one after another, directly or indirectly recognize the quarter, with the miners signed a contract or "interim agreement." The production of the global steel industry to continue to "normal" manner.