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A person familiar with the history of the ore price negotiations, a senior who told reporters that China's participation in this global ore price negotiations for more than 6 years, negotiators almost universal grief in the sound of that "all the way through to" the. Sometimes the pressure of public opinion than to judge the market, not into, the back no. In this process, "a sobering thought," too little, self-reflection is often, "anger" covered up. Finally, the right to speak into a "occult" things, as a carrier of emotions, rather than ask "what it means in the end."

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History of China's iron ore negotiations, worthy of serious Reorganizing it. In 2004, the Chinese steel mills in the global iron ore pricing negotiations "starting point." According to those memories of Baosteel, Baoshan Iron and A1360 Steel from the plant began to fully imported ore, the earlier integration into the global trading system in the ores, ore imports in China is not popular before, Baosteel domestic ore imports accounted for one-third of total imports one. Because such a position to become China Baosteel steel ore price negotiations, the "silver lining" on behalf of; in the interests of steel industry collaboration for the coordinating agency, in the "background" to implement a series of preparations, organization and overall coordination. This basic model and the overall framework of the negotiations, from the beginning of the history of Chinese ore negotiations on the basic shape, has not changed. Baosteel Group in 2004 on behalf of Chinese steel mills for the first time to participate fully in the global ore price negotiations, not to mention the "big voice", the first is to strive for a fair bargaining position.