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2005: Japan's Nippon Steel and AC483C CVRD reached a 71.5% gain in the first starting price. The beginning of the introduction of the starting price, Baosteel has issued a public view that the gains were "beyond the scope of the steel industry can bear, bound to the long-term health of the global steel industry, the development of adverse effects." Baosteel but later accepted the pricing. Domestic public opinion that it was "forced to follow," the Chinese steel mills led to "loss of voice," the accusations. But this year, Baosteel has a "big victory" for the Asian steel mills is strongly rejected the Australian mining giant BHP Billiton's advantage on the shore "additional fare increase" requirements, maintaining the traditional ore price mechanism. But this "victory" is also fully reflected, to a shore-based advantage of the "stock system" is increasingly penetrated into price negotiations to a long association, the international mining companies to "the lure of cash benefits" has made real test.

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2006: June 20, Baosteel Group, China's steel mills and AC483C iron ore on behalf of major producers BHP Billiton reached a price agreement, powder ore and lump ore prices rose 19% last year. The increase from the previous by the CVRD and ThyssenKrupp of Germany reached the "starting price increase," the same. This results in the industry are also considered to be "forced to follow." Because the starting price is introduced, prices of Chinese steel mills that did not fully consider "the situation in China" that is not acceptable, and insisted with the three major mining companies to continue negotiations with the negotiating partners as possible to the Chinese market is not resolution of the issue. But ultimately to no avail. This fully reflects the strong demand of iron ore, a long association mining and ore spot "spread" widened the circumstances, the monopoly power of the three mines to strong play.