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2008: February 18 evening, the world's largest iron ore producer, CVRD announced that it has with Japan's largest steel company Nippon Steel and AD510SH South Korea's POSCO to determine the seaborne iron ore for 2008 rose to 65 % to 71% of the "starting base price." Baosteel Group, China's steel mills in the 22 representatives confirmed the price. But the two Australian mining companies are not recognized by this increase. To the end of June, Baosteel announced pricing agreements with the Australian mining, or in between 79.88 to 96.5 percent. This year, the Brazilian miner to achieve a "mass increase"; Australian mine come true made but not implemented in 2005 "to the shore-based sea freight advantage of the fare increase." This is regarded as the benchmark year long association mining mechanism is the most obvious "cracks", the fundamental reason or ore spot market prices rose on strong expectations.

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In fact, the cool-headed analysis about the financial crisis in the world "No one accurately foresaw," the majority of hindsight, that mining companies interested in a "high price trap" is not fair. But the impact on ore price negotiations in 2009, the world's steel mills have slashed prices strongly urge the miners, the Chinese steel industry is set up "back to the equivalent of 2007 prices fell 40%," the bottom line. To May 2009, the Japanese Nippon Steel and AD510SH Rio Tinto reached nearly 33% annual decline, "starting price", but refused to follow the Chinese steel mills. After China's rapid economic rebound, steel production and a new high, the demand for return of the growth path of ore, ore spot prices up again, and soon exceeded the price of a long association mining, "dual track" spread the re-emergence. To August, the Chinese steel mills with Australian mining companies in emerging FMG reach 35% decline in semi-annual pricing, but the three do not agree with mine. Chinese steel mills and mines the final three annual negotiations "nothing", ore purchase by a "temporary contract" form. Thus, the annual benchmark pricing mechanism is "in name only."