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From a historical outline can be seen, "Crazy Stone" and AD578KN how the pricing mechanism of change is a step by step evolution. First of all, dominated by China, the rapid development of steel industry, led to a shortage of large ore stage atmosphere. Second, the global existence only until the ore in China, "one country, two price" pattern, forming a long-term difficult to eliminate the "spread", led to the interests of the irrational pursuit of ore, based on the new spot market pricing mechanism, and its essence is based on short-term excess profits. Of course, the monopoly of the three mines should not be ignored, mining downturn in the last century, three major advantages of integrated ore mines, which are hard to change the relative monopoly position, in short supply in the market, the monopoly effect can be more easily released.

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Insiders said the development of a price to pay, speeding the development of more to pay the extra price. Chinese iron ore imports as "one country, two price" system in such a congenital absence of the cause of the "additional costs" only by us to make up. Of course, the mine price of "double track" rent-seeking led to corruption, many of them speculation and AD578KN hoarding, which certainly exists, "false prosperity", but "you can not ask others to take the initiative to squeeze in addition to your bubble", others will not provide you the additional cost "bill." China's steel industry in a series of "weakness", is bound to be reflected in ore prices, and "Force the system as a cost to the reform."