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Shown around the iron ore negotiations, despite the complexity of the circumstances, but the core of the basic clues or supply and AD7549AQ demand. From this perspective, China's domestic iron ore trade order and chaos, which directly affect the relationship between market supply and demand of iron ore "articulate." Ore negotiations impasse, "the root cause or at home." This time, the Steel Association and Chamber of Commerce jointly issued a three Minmetals rectification measures: further stringent import qualified approval; implementation of the ore-level agency, not a second trade; established the flow of ore imports and filing system to ensure that the ore into compliance national industrial policy, iron and steel enterprises.

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This issue is related to the credit industry. After years of ore negotiations, there has been such a "fun" but a serious problem: the domestic industry almost every year to "rectify the steel industry overcapacity, backward, straightening iron ore trade order" measures as a bargaining "weight "But in the end the actual operation data is very different with it, steel output hit new high; the elimination of backward production capacity expansion is often a" disguised path "; iron ore trade qualification management, and AD7549AQ strict implementation of agency is also still in the" industry self-regulation file ". This "contrast", a direct impact on the effectiveness of the ore price negotiations. Insiders believe that, and now to China's steel industry "great judge" of the time, do not use "polite" to replace real assessment. So as to conform to reality, to solve the problem.