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From the current situation of China's steel industry "production wheel" is still high-speed rotation, iron ore imports remain high. On the other hand, subject to market the "stimulus" to the historical formation of mining companies market advantage, overtly or covertly, a "reluctant sellers", "rhythm control" and AD7730LBR other means to seek maximum benefits, in the commodities market is also "surprising" the usual behavior. Jia Liang and other industry groups say, whether the steel market, or the ore market, are in a phase of dramatic change, "supply and demand game" feature is inevitable, this feature is bound to affect "at this stage ore price pricing mechanism" in to .

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Equally certain that this unstable phase is bound to the past. Baosteel Group Chairman Xu Lejiang recently said publicly that China's future demand for iron and AD7730LBR steel raw materials, shipping, there are three major changes: First, strong growth in shipping demand to slow growth from the transformation. With the heavy chemical industry phase of the completion of the required economic growth will gradually decline in intensity of steel consumption, decline in domestic steel consumption growth is inevitable. Therefore, China's steel industry will shortly present high consumption and low growth characteristics; long-term perspective, China's steel industry will enter a slow growth era. Accordingly, the short-term demand for shipping raw materials, China's steel growth to slow from the strong growth; from the medium to long term, the Chinese iron and steel raw materials, shipping demand will tend to stabilize.