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AD813AR Features

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Configuration: IntelCore2DuoT7500 processor, clocked at 2.2GHz, IntelGM965 chipset, 1024MBDDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive, IntelGMAX3100 integrated graphics, DVDRW burner, 1GB Turbo Memory, 14.1-inch LED widescreen, Intel original wireless network module (IEEE802.11agn), Windows Vista Home Basic pre-installed operating system.

AD813AR Pinout

Management still using the LG C1: piano keyboard painted cover and AD813AR white face, stylish and elegant, perfect for black and white makes the C1 contains a strong texture. The bottom of the screen from left to right are the ESC, functional composite key FN, DOWN ARROW, UP ARROW, Enter, the screen after the party level is still very easy to operate. C1 10.6-inch widescreen with a resolution to the 1280x768, to meet the requirements of most business applications, although the screen is small, but the high brightness of the screen, cinematic and full truth.