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This "return to reason", must be a "spiral" up the process, can not return to the "origin." Ore pricing mechanism in the short-term transition to the process, various types of iron ore price index will be active, relevant agencies will take in the industrial chain of new position. New iron ore swaps and AD9481BSUZ250 other derivatives markets will continue to develop. "These are the global iron ore market system in the future new long-term factors, not as superficial, and a wake, the price mechanism to return to the traditional long protocol, what indices, swaps, have disappeared. It would be too naive a. "a market told this reporter.

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Iron ore and AD9481BSUZ250 other bulk commodities, "Finance" of the trend, have a clear understanding that this is the characteristics of the current international economic structure determined. Domestic industry, the integration of capital and the degree of financial capital should be further improved, making more strategic industries such as iron and steel industry with "financial background." That had appeared in the international financial market for iron ore swaps and other new derivative products, to strengthen the research, be aware, the real find out about their hedging, price discovery function of the basic functions and the complex relationship between speculative . Comparison of full and accurate interest demands the design process, iron ore pricing mechanism for the formation of the future program of their own initiative and foreign steel mills and mining companies to mainstream communication and coordination. Relations only in the interests of accurate analysis, the negotiation process can be effective in the future set up to protect their "firewall" to block the financial hot money speculation in the steel industry over the negative threats.