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But this arrangement will change, analysts expect the next three years the global smart phone sales will double. Technology market research firm IDC analyst Sue Kevorkian (SueKevorkian) said: "In the smart phone market, Microsoft and AD9500BP its competitors will no doubt have a good chance." Early reviews of WindowsPhone7 has been very good, its simple interface and simple design has won high praise. However, the operating system is expected to use the phone in order to go to the market this holiday season. Until then, expect Apple to launch iPhone are going to be an updated version.

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Zune will also need to expand the coverage to extend beyond mobile technology. This includes the product increased to XboxLive Internet music service, expanding subscription market size, change the current status quo. ForresterResearch analyst Suolao Gandhi (SonalGandhi) expects total U.S. market size of the music subscription of 250 million users, which includes not only the Zune, Rhapsody, Napster, and AD9500BP MOG, but also those of the Pandora and eMusic and Live365's special subscription service.