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In 1999, the EU Code of the first --- the best products in Europe, "deck" type floor into China. Represents the deck of the ship at the time of high processing quality, high environmental quality. However, with consumers increasing demand for products, the EU Code to create consumer value, to meet consumer demand, in early 2002 with Germany HARO, Germany's test Si Feier was business, investment in research and AD9617AQ development of real wood grain co- products, on display in Germany 汉诺威多蒙 Pentax sensation. This year in April, the EU Code of sync with the European market in Europe has just launched the technology in China can buy.

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As a building materials company, why talk about creating a new vision health, and AD9617AQ which he means? Yan always said, laminate flooring from the early 90's R & D success by the Europeans, after the rapid development in recent years. Technical improvements, a variety of environmental health indicators has matured, as long as a relatively good business, could meet the requirements. Now we need to improve is the visual appearance, that is, visual health. What flooring wood on the visual sense of color is clearer, more beautiful, more color on how to grade, the overall effect of how to be more coordination, consumer demand, we must meet, it is our responsibility and we, as a technology leader in the brand must be addressed.