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State Forestry Administration in August 2009 -2010 in March, organized and ADG439FBR implemented within the network upgrade project. Accordance with the "outside the network of small and large within the network," the idea of building the portal was developed within the network, including the work platform, information platform, learning platforms, platforms, and exchange platform for the five life areas. Integrated office system of the original (OA system) was upgraded, integrated office systems for the documents, meeting for the transaction work, leadership and general management office composed of five functional modules, the State Forestry Administration staff within the Office of the text, Office will , work and integrated management of the electronic office system. Meanwhile, intranet portal, a new system of trees Wikipedia, forestry expert systems, forestry scientific and technological achievements query system, the internal mail system, instant messaging system, online approval system, unified user management system, electronic library, electronic reading applications system, the enhanced intranet portal applications and knowledge.

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Overall, the State Forestry Administration and ADG439FBR integrated office within the network portal system construction, constraints over the years to solve the bottleneck problem of forestry information, standardize the management of our bureau send and receive text document approval processes and procedures to expedite the pace of the file transfer speed and archiving, I can basically meet the Board administrative office electronic, file transfer network, and things to do would be convenient, integrated management information of the urgent need for comprehensive promotion of forestry information, fast and efficient development of great significance. Network operation, including the 2 months, the network line layout, installation of equipment within the network, file transfer load and so on, I got various departments of Council support units, especially the Bureau office, from staff restructuring, job setting, the personal computer terminal equipment, to the file transfer approval, publishing government information online, have greatly supported and integrated office within the network operation systems, etc., reforestation Division, Resources Division, International Department, sand control office, flowers, associations, etc. Most units can be in strict accordance with the requirements of network management system to do text, and the Office will work actively with the technology group for equipment commissioning installation, make full use of the intranet portal to the various divisions of space for the development of independent information dissemination, real good data backup, played a very good lead.