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He said last year on two production lines in Jiangsu, one of which put into operation in April last year, production capacity 600 million tons; another operation in April this year, production capacity 600 million tons. 2009 than in 2008 to reduce production costs, but this year the cost per ton increased by 300 over 2009 RMB, but the year is expected to cost less volatility, or will steadily rise. This year, product sales price will be adjusted according to market conditions, high gross profit margin last year, while the first five months of this year, is still unsatisfactory. In the next 2 to 3 years will be regulated to reduce the proportion of ordinary architectural glass, while the proportion of high value-added glass hope from the present 15-16 percent, increasing to 45%.

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Health products, green new life: July 1, 2002, indoor environmental pollution control in China has taken a historic step, the state developed a "civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control," and ADP3300ART3 dozens of interior decoration materials harmful material limits, and mandatory implementation. Laminate flooring new national compulsory standards for the sole object of free formaldehyde emission testing should be less than 1.5mg / L of limited value standards. In fact, for the laminate flooring products, contaminated materials generated formaldehyde type products mainly from the combination of agents. Some low-quality products, low-cost urea-formaldehyde glue is commonly used as a product of the bonding agent, generally exceeded the free formaldehyde emission, but with the continuous improvement of product technology, like Power Dekor laminate flooring and many other well-known manufacturers, years ago melamine plastic products have been used as a binder, this binder free formaldehyde emission urea-formaldehyde glue is only 1 / 7 or so, do the products from the fundamental substance of free formaldehyde release control. Represented by a number of Power Dekor laminate flooring manufacturers have been the first to achieve the country's new mandatory standards, and has been certified ISO14001 and China's environmental labeling has become truly environmentally friendly products.