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Stone business in this economic crisis should be to adjust production and AM2088AT marketing ideas, to overcome these shortcomings, the ceramic tile industry, learning, production for home decoration with a small, thin stone, to do "grassroots business." If the small-scale production line of small plates built in the vicinity of mines, production and management by farmers. Stone as a leading enterprise quality control and product marketing. This will greatly reduce production costs and make products in the home improvement market is competitive. To develop a housing project, post-disaster reconstruction, rural construction and other aspects of home improvement market. While improving the local employment rate.

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Overall, China's petroleum and AM2088AT chemical industry product mix is still in the low-end products and generic products, high-grade, low percentage of special products. Structural shortage of petrochemical products is the industry's structural contradictions within the concrete embodiment of the main reasons include four points: supply of raw materials are subject to multiple constraints, industry concentration is low, a larger proportion of backward production capacity, industry less competitive; some industries lack of effective supervision and guidance, the blind development of industry overcapacity serious; industrial layout for historical reasons, there are still raw materials and production division, product and market segmentation are unreasonable; independent innovation is weak, difficult to produce a lot of scientific research applications to enterprises as the core of the innovation system has not been established.