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With the global petrochemical industry matured, the petrochemical industry and AM27S33PC the business cycle will extend the trend of flat, peak and trough of the gap will narrow, industry profit levels will tend to converge. As for a long period of time an important pillar of the world economy, oil and chemical industry is still in the cyclical fluctuations contains long-term growth opportunities, especially in China. First, some products there is still much room for growth. China is in the industrialization and urbanization, transportation, housing and other areas there is a huge space, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, product upgrading and other needs of a large number of inputs, have greater room for growth products include: rigid-intensive sectors; There are still some gaps, the large amount of product imports; low-carbon raw materials and products; high-performance materials products.

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Second, the timing of restructuring is more favorable. Currently, the economic crisis our country a lot of production and AM27S33PC operation of oil and chemical companies facing difficulties, the petrochemical industry in China is also a cyclical down phase, which is within the optimal combination of market re a good time. Meanwhile, energy conservation, low-carbon economy, limit the "two high" exports of other industrial policy, both the oil and chemical industry pressure, but also to adjust the industrial structure to promote the industry, great power, promoting the elimination of backward production capacity, optimize the industrial layout.