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  M2 is Sony's second launch of M series models, when M1 photography feature unique to Sony, it attracts many high-end user base, although the price remains high, but that does not affect their great influence , while the upgraded version of the M1, M2, swivel design while retaining the same time, there have been relatively large in the shape of the reconstruction, the use of aluminum metal, adding more streamlined design, the overall effect is more stylish, more affinity, more dynamic shape and BLM21PG300SN1D has a variety of vibrant colors. But the arrival of only two colors white and silver, the most beautiful pink version of the production capacity reasons, may be listed at the end of the year.

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Performance, the Sony M2 than M1 in fact not changed much, still uses a 1/2.5 inch 5.1 million effective pixel primary color filter CCD sensor, installed a new Sony Real Imaging Processor, 8 groups of 11 lenses lens form, the periscope structure, with 3x optical zoom, equivalent focal length 38-114mm, the maximum aperture F3.5-4.4, in macro mode, focusing distance 8cm, but also has the acclaimed series in T magnifying glass mode, 1cm super macro possible. M2 sensitivity to ISO64/100/200/400, start-up time of about 1.5 seconds, shutter lag of about 0.27 seconds, release time lag of about 0.01 seconds, photography interval about 1.1 seconds. The maximum you can shoot 2592 * 1944 pixels and BLM21PG300SN1D 640 × 480 pixel photo of the MPEG-4 format 30fps animation.