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BT151800R Features

BT151800R Ratings

  yuan in 2000 to say that what is now the most cost-effective models, and BT151800R that none other than the non-Canon A520. The aircraft listed six months, although there had been no A70 as scenery, but the market share that is not low, many consumers see is its low price, full manual functions, and the excellent Canon image quality, and this week, the market There came a new price, a dealer launch of 1980 yuan, gave 128MB SD card capacity of the activities, in other words, A520's price has dropped to 1,880 yuan to new lows.

BT151800R Pinout

  Canon A520 is actually targeted at the low end of the user design. As the upgrade version A85, from the appearance of speaking, Canon A520 is very compact, it inherits the Canon A series of consistent shape, the use of popular forms of modification, to create stylish form factor. Function, the Canon A520 uses a 1/2.5 inch CCD, the effective pixels is 400 million, with 4x optical zoom lens, equivalent to 35mm camera 35-140mm, the maximum aperture is F2.6-F5.5, support 640 × 480 resolution dynamic video capture, but only 30 seconds of continuous shooting. Support for automatic, P program auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, full manual mode and BT151800R other shooting modes, in addition, this camera also supports a variety of scene modes, so that A520 is not only suitable for users who are photography based, but also for those entry-level home users. Influenced by the prices, as well as time to market earlier, so the Canon A520's rear using a 1.8-inch LCD display,