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CH7203CV Features

CH7203CV Ratings

  In fact, from appearance, FX9 and CH7203CV FX8 exactly the same, but in terms of performance, FX9 and FX8 is used as a 600 million pixel 1/2.5 inch CCD, the lens uses three aspheric lenses with the composition of LEICADCVARIOELMARIT3 times optical zoom lens, built-in optical image stabilization feature is one of the biggest feature FX series, in macro mode, FX9's closest focusing distance of 5cm. Contrast FX9 and FX8, FX9 biggest difference is the image sensor can capture photos horizontal aspect ratio of 3:2, and its 2.5-inch LCD screen resolution is also upgraded from 11.4 to 20.7 million pixels million pixels, greatly improving the clarity and the start time reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. Also in the scene mode, FX9 increase for low-light "candle light" scene, and for astronomical photography, "Star" scene. While browsing pictures, FX9 FX8 in nine of the original was based on the increase with a 16 and 25 with significant features, but also can be marked with any of the portrait, "My Favorites" signs.

CH7203CV Pinout

  when the price of the aircraft listed in the 3420 yuan, but after how the prices were not changed until mid-September, it appeared the market price of 3380 yuan, even so, not high profit dealers . After the price cuts, FX9 has become the price of 3270 yuan. As the only currently on the market with optical image stabilization feature several card machine, FX9 is a certain competitiveness, but the upcoming Sony T9 on it will pose a direct threat.