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  card machine was that the development has reached an end, because the size and CK351 weight from the camera point of view, without reducing the quality of the premise, the Sony T7 has been demonstrated most vividly, and the camera LCD screen due to the limited size, 2.5 inch seems to have reached a limit, just a lot of people think the future will be how to develop the card machine when the Sony this week listed the first touch-screen digital camera M1, this model's rear addition to a zoom button, the button very small, completely occupied by 3-inch LCD screen, Is this the card machine in the future?

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The 1/1.8 inch CCD with N1 sensor, with 800 million effective pixels (it is the Sony card machines to a maximum pixel), the lens or using our card machine in the T series of three common Zeiss optical zoom periscope-style lens, focal length equivalent to 38-114mm, the maximum aperture of F2.8-F5.4, the minimum aperture of F16, the machine can take 640 * 480 @ 30fps dynamic video, and CK351 document management system built to shoot pictures automatically change the size of 640 * 480, Save on cameras built-in 26MB storage media, users can choose 500 favorite photo albums stored in the machine, even if taken thousands of pictures, playback is also very convenient . In addition, although we only see the zoom button on the body and the mode switch key, but still easy to operate, thanks to the menu of human design.