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CXA1616S Features

CXA1616S Ratings

Editorial: E72's hot so that gradually disappeared from sight E71, but with a strong hardware configuration and CXA1616S sophisticated ultra-thin metal body is still the first choice for the eyes of many people, after years of devastation is now quoted as low as 1799 yuan can be described as very attractive, is the so-called“ a machine in hand, only a request”. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the sunset moon: zch@corp.it.com.cn.

CXA1616S Pinout

As a new generation of high-end E series models, E71 large metal body design, fashion is more durable; behind the more powerful business functionality with the N series has been able to destabilize the entertainment. In view of E71 powerful and CXA1616S solid work, compared to selling N series models, mainly for business applications it is more suitable for business persons. Recently licensed in buying special network (http://www.360mart.com) Zaibao low of 1,799 yuan, like the friends you had better seize the opportunity to Oh!