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To ensure image quality, it also uses a 1/1.8 inch 7.1 million effective pixel CCD, with lens structure 7 group 8, including two aspherical lenses and CY7C024V25AC an ultra-low dispersion (ED) lens 27mm-110mm / F2.8-F4.8 lens, so that it can not only good in the normal light image edge distortion and vignetting control and dispersion overlap. Can also play a wide-angle lens can easily advantage of panoramic depth to capture a large variety of natural scenery in winter. At the same time, the aircraft also has 143 pairs of point selection, and professional black and white picture mode and RAW image format, which can make it easy for photographers to shoot a clear theme and level of detail-rich architecture and scenery pictures.

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Solid body shell and CY7C024V25AC excellent non-slip grip handle, the Fuji FinePixE900 ideal for use in winter travel. And they use a new generation of 1/1.6 inch nine million effective pixels SuperCCDHR, Fujinon 4x optical zoom lens and the combination of 32mm-128mm/F2.8-F5.6 high saturation, bright colors and delicate images its not only satisfy those discerning photographer's quality requirements, but also to meet their fitness in the dark shooting environment needs. The shutter delay in the start and the design speed, E900 was able to within less than 1 seconds to complete boot to ready to shoot the whole process, and its integrated metering and focus speed compared to the previous generation has also been significant progress E550 . TTL64 area with multiple metering and spot metering system, the aircraft can also use the continuous AF mode, or multi-region, the central focus of a variety of selection mode, to focus on composition and arbitrary continuous shooting, in order to ensure that the access The capture screen imaging and clarity. However, regrettably, than the E500 aircraft continuous shooting capability of 3 frames / sec, up to four of the continuous shooting capability, there is a certain amount of shrinkage, not only slow continuous shooting, and the two burst time was significantly longer.