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Shanghai reported】 【IT.com.cn and CY7C16625VC LG together with top fashion brand launched PRADAPhone PRADA phone KE850, Asus Lamborghini cars together launched the world's smart phones, like ZX1, P528 Armani Samsung with the product of the combination, listed at the beginning of the 12,880 yuan price alone is enough to explain their identity, the saying goes, time is everything, P528 naturally can not escape the ravages of the years, the recent Shanghai Ding Shen-mail communication technology (www.51anycall.com) latest offer is only 2099 yuan, considerable value, and interested friends must go and see.

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Samsung P528 slim and CY7C16625VC elegant appearance, 87.5× 54.5× 10.5mm measurements and 85 grams of weight small enough to allow ease of pocket, front design simple fashion, retaining only the traditional call and answer key, Armani quite eye-catching logo, with a current very popular all-touch operation and support vibration feedback, and 2.6-inch QVGA 26 million color TFT screen resolution can ensure better viewed.