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Overall, the Samsung P528 is the appearance of it is worthy of praise, and CY7C26335PC Armani's LOGO also makes it extraordinary significance, for the average consumer can be described as no cost at all, but for those high-end, its worth the extraordinary is the point where the saying goes, time is everything, P528 naturally escape the ravages of the years, the recent Shanghai Ding Shen-mail communication technology (www.51anycall.com) latest offer is only 2099 yuan, the second configuration the second electrical charge, headset, data line, CD-ROM, the original Bluetooth headset, leather, cloth cover, and 2G memory card, and interested friends may wish to see.

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Shape design, the aircraft in the Sony P series has always been to retain compact fashion, portable style is also carried out human non-slip design. And the addition of many of the original DC that has the only professional manual shooting functions, focus and CY7C26335PC metering system design, an increase of 5 new regional aircraft AF auto focus and the right lighting conditions to meet a variety of complex needs of a variety of exposure metering mode to be selected at the photographer metering mode, shoot a satisfactory picture. Zeiss lenses use F2.8-F5.2/38-114mm and 1/1.8 inch 7.2 million pixel CCD, imaging sophistication and excellent color reproduction. In the P200 can be used for general hand DC can also make a super mini digital video camera to capture the speed of the fluid 640X480dpi30fps unlimited audio clips, and in the filming process, users can operate the zoom lens. This feature, too many who do not want to carry the equipment but would like to photography, a family of camera things correct in terms of fashion, has great appeal.