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Editorial: HDmini as the shrink HD2 models did not have much in the performance level of modesty, 600MHz processor / 512MBROM/384MBRAM hardware combination called the mainstream side, the 500 million pixel auto focus camera is also retained, After a few days ago, after three hundred dollars to drop two hundred dollars down again today, again approaching two thousand mark. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the sunset moon: zch@corp.it.com.cn.

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Although the surface of the shrinking HDmini is HD2 models, but they all have their own innovations, while running 600MHz processor and D71051L 384MB of memory to bring performance on the mainstream side, 500 million pixel camera is also outstanding results, effective to fill the three thousand yuan price of the smartphone market, but also make the situation even more embarrassing HD. Speed is below does not stop after the three thousand mark, after a few days ago, after three hundred dollars to drop again today, two hundred dollars down, and so the latest mobile phone shops offer only 2,150 yuan, a red headset configuration 1 power cable, Friends who are interested go and see.