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Epson StylusCX4700 very strong use of contemporary cool metallic surface, in line with current trends in industrial design and DF1760U aesthetic requirements of almost everyone, so get a good response. Design, StylusCX4700 more economical business model of one machine, the split follows the four-color print cartridge design, the user simply replace the exhaust can be a single color cartridge, thus avoiding the waste of supplies, to save printing costs purposes. Taking into account the user is still in daily use mostly text printing, Epson also specifically added the massive black ink cartridge design, with its ultra-low prices of supplies, StylusCX4700 described the use of the cost of dropping lower and lower, is in line with growing consumer market rationality users pay more attention to the trend of the late input.

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Quality is a stand-one competition in the market and DF1760U the fundamental unbeaten, and in this point, StylusCX4700 definitely more compelling than its face. 5760dpi maximum print resolution, with 3 liters of subtle drop slightly, with the new century, waterproof light brightly colored ink, in various media have a perfect performance, both the output on plain paper sharp illustrations, and can achieve high-quality photo-printing, so that the output works fine with traditional photo-like texture, and has superior water-proof, light, oxidation resistance, even on plain paper can be super waterproof. StylusCX4700 maximum print speed of 20 pages per minute achieved, copy speed 18 pages per minute also, in similar models in a more advanced level.