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Third, CaO catalyst can adsorb in the process of biomass gasification CO2, the CO2 to form CaCO3 fixed to reduce CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions to the greenhouse effect, the atmospheric temperature, affect the global climate, so are all the world to reduce CO2 emissions, "the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change after the Kyoto Protocol" is the signing of the joint efforts of people around the world results. CaO reaction at high temperatures with the CO2 still has a large equilibrium constant, therefore, CaO reaction at high temperature gas product to be able to absorb the CO2, so CO2 to form CaCO3 can be fixed to reduce CO2 to the atmosphere emissions, is conducive to environmental protection and DF200AA160 curbing global warming;

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Fourth, CaO catalyst to improve biomass gasification gas composition, calorific value of gas is increased. The addition of CaO to promote the catalytic cracking of tar, the tar into the non-condensable gas, the non-condensable gas components and DF200AA160 product gas composition similar to, in particular, can increase hydrogen gas, methane, and two-carbon hydrocarbon content combustible components in the gas increases. Secondly, absorption of the gas in the CaO CO2, the gas in the reduction of non-combustible components. In general, CaO adding to the combustible gas components increase, decrease non-combustible components, improving the gas composition, increasing the heating value;