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Reporter interviewed a number of consumers are buying furniture, more than half have heard of new furniture contract. Wang aunt to buy furniture, said: 'I saw in the newspaper this news, thinking that have been unified on the market swap. Just a circle, as if not all brands are using the new contract. 'SouFun network survey also showed that over half of the users know that new furniture contract, which is consistent with the field survey. At the same time, eight or more friends to buy furniture that will take the initiative when the new requirements and DF20CA80 the business sign the contract furniture.

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Reporter interviewed a number of showings, and DF20CA80 they said it did stabilize housing prices, so would like to look at the house, but not in a hurry to buy a house. If the second half cut the price, they might have shot, and now just to prepare. Introduced preferential policies for the developers now, most people think it is better to reduce the price even more.