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DP83932CVF33 Features

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In the print side, MP150 has a print speed of 22ppm black, 17ppm color print speed, support for most large format printing A4, also support the endless moment of printing, up to 100-sheet input tray capacity. In the scanning context, it applied Canon's unique LIDE scanning technology, with 1200 * 2400dbi high scan resolution, users can easily create PDF documents, while the scan driver has a unique scans, photos, modification and DP83932CVF33 enhancement technologies automatically scan, Professional photos can dust and scratches reduced function, particle correction, fading correction and backlight correction, so that the image scanning easier. In the Copy area, MP150 up to 22 pages per minute black and white copy speed, 17 color copy speed. It is worth mentioning that the MP150 printed in addition to USB2.0 mode, but also supports PictBridge direct printing.

DP83932CVF33 Pinout

Canon PIXMA Canon PIXMAMP810 products continued in the printing speed on the advantages of using FINE print technology, the highest resolution achieved PIXMAMP810 9600x2400dpi, the smallest drop to a slight increase of 1 in improving the print speed while allowing more delicate prints . In addition product is also the print head and DP83932CVF33 the additions of 2 liters of ink drops slightly, so that the nozzle total to 4608, 3 ink droplets to ensure a sharp picture detail, there is no grainy, the color of the transition smoother. Also in addition to cyan, magenta, yellow, the new additions of photos-one black, the contrast of the picture is more clear, more three-dimensional. At the same time as the increase in the number of nozzles to print a corresponding reduction in the number of head movements, significantly increased printing speed, the standard mode printing 4x6 borderless photos just 21 seconds. Canon PIXMAMP810 using a new control panel - easy to dial. Easy to dial a dial cover almost all the main features of the product. By gently rotating the dial, with large color LCD display and a new graphical user interface that helps users to achieve various functions. Users simply select the operation you want, then click the dial to the middle of the "OK" button you can easily achieve a variety of operations. If the product use, lost in the multi-level menu, or half-way to other functions of the operation immediately, simply press the panel on the "HOME" key, you can immediately return to the main menu. Through "NAVI" navigation key users to see function LCD display and interpretation of the definition of a variety of operating functions, to guide the user to achieve these functions.