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DS1307N Features

DS1307N Ratings

Configuration, the Dell 530 with Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 processor (clocked at 2.2GHz), 1GB dual-channel DDR2667MHz with the memory, 250GBSATA hard drive, NVIDIAGeforce8300GS128MB discrete graphics, full support for DX10. In addition, this machine comes with Dell's new 19-inch LCD display, and DS1307N the operating system pre-installed with genuine WindowsvistaHomeBasic.

DS1307N Pinout

Configuration, this Xin Yi S1200 uses Intel64 bit Intel Celeron D331 processor (EM64T, 2.66GH, 256K high-speed secondary cache, 533MHZ front-side system bus), with 512MBDDR2 memory, 80GB7200 switch to high-speed hard drive, DVD drive, integrated high-performance 3D graphics, built-in 10-100M Ethernet LAN networking, the display uses the latest appearance of the seven-15.4-inch widescreen LCD monitor. LINUX operating system pre-installed.