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Epson Epson StylusCX5900 was launched in mid November this year, a new product, excellent waterproof light ink is undoubtedly one of its greatest features. It also applied the latest EPSONPhotoEnhance image optimization technology, it automatically during printing the image too dark or underexposed in obvious defects such as repair, so that photos can be printed with better color results. Has a fully automatic scanning, family, professional three modes of scanning interface that can easily meet the needs of different groups of people, more humane. StylusCX5900 also designed based on the actual needs of users in the offline copy function independently, it is also more convenient in operation. StylusCX5900 equipped with a 2-inch LCD display, combined with a wealth of operational keys to multi-card reader (CFTypeII, MemoryStick, SD / MMC, xD-Picturecard, supports CompactFlash (Memorycardonly), MicroDrive, MemoryStick, SD, and EP1C3T144C7N other mainstream Digital memory card), allowing users to achieve in the offline photo printing capabilities.

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Many-one function, so look at the features of a product from its integrated observation. First, the print function is a Epson StylusCX5900 was based on 4-color inkjet printing machine, using Epson's unique Micro-voltage printed, to achieve the smallest drop was a slight increase of 3 ink jet, and EP1C3T144C7N its printing resolution of the 5760 × 1440dpi, print speed 27 pages per minute. Whether speed or print from the print can be said on similar products in very competitive. Meanwhile, the Epson CX5900 increased 4 × 6 inch photo print speed of 48 seconds from the original upgrade to the current 28 seconds, this speed increases areas of our strengths in the photo even more apparent. In addition, in color printing with the Epson CX5900 was too DURABriteUltra new ink, it has a higher density of pigment particles of resin outer layer of parcels, long cut off from water, ultraviolet radiation, ozone and other substances, so the ordinary copy paper was to achieve better print quality, and water, light, can long-term preservation. Not only have to meet the printing needs of users, but also have saved on the user provides a more practical choice.