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The reward for us in the form of an attempt to let everyone see your fill at once, right headset. Moreover, the headset box is also very chic, a sophisticated work, full of lovely painted wooden box as a packaging design and EP1K10TC1002 set up a box cover and drawers. Drawer, place the charger for the design, while the roof is not only loaded with headphones, the whole will appear after opening a small mirror, looked like a miniature woman dresser, from a few designers, we can see on the headset to perfect form and the intentions of others.

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This headset is cloudy in the Ding Hao Electronics City underground layer of a sales business at that, because only one out of stock and EP1K10TC1002 other places, the headset actually quoted one of the high price of 980 yuan. And asked not under the headset also understand the origin and other information, can only see the standard headphones, the effective distance and other parameters completely fit in the mainstream industry standard Bluetooth headset. The headphones are like consumers can find time to go to Ding Hao Electronics Mall basement B1101 counter to see telephone number is 82697938, and 13311096395, a limited number of headphones, be careful to not buy too late Oh.