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Nokia 5800XM has a 3.2-inch color TFT LCD 16 million to support 640× 360 pixel resolution and EP20K300EBC6522 16:9 display modes, providing a virtual keyboard and handwriting input method for the seven, the user with a finger touch operation Shihai will provide vibration feedback function. 5800XM is a 3.2 million built-pixel camera with auto-focus and dual LED with flash, digital zoom, video recording, and "Photo location tags" and other functions; S60 fifth edition of the system was also equipped with the interface and built-in advanced motion directional technology, users can rotate the phone at the same time get a different display; GPS global satellite navigation system is also indispensable nature, provide a complete mobile navigation and location services; and built-in 3.5 mm headset Interface, TV-out interface and supports large-capacity memory cards make it in the media is even more prepared.

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2 this week, ranking second in smartphone sales: Nokia X6, Universal Special 1980 yuan (market price of 2130 yuan). Below the thousand mark the X6 is no doubt very attractive, to know that the N-5800XM quite a long time but was able to cross this bridge, capacitive touch screen, 500-megapixel Carl Zeiss camera and EP20K300EBC6522 16GB memory free body mass One is not a strong selling point, just published in the iphone4 strong pressure, S605TH intelligent operating system makes it relatively very small, Nokia really made our effort, N8 estimate does not save much face.