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  Casio card machine is a lot of friends are very popular. The success of a hit in the S500, the Casio persistent efforts, the introduction of the Z500 card this baby is more compact. And S500 difference is this machine is designed to drop a little sweet, a little more ornate, work is very fine. In the internal configuration, 1/2.5 inch CCD, 500 million effective pixels, 3x optical zoom ,38-114mm (35mm camera equivalent of traditional values), maximum aperture range of F2.7-F5.2 lens. 17cm macro, but still can not be effectively addressed. In the image stabilization system, this machine equipped with Anti-shakeDSP high-speed shutter function, to a certain extent, solve the resulting images due to vibration and EP2C50F672I8N ambiguity. In addition, the Casio 31 species BESTSHOT own unique mode of choice is a rich, let's take a more easy and convenient. A 2.7-inch, 153,000 pixel LCD monitor charming. 88.5x57x20.5mm size, 112g weight, as Casio's new flagship card machine. Currently about 2,990 new listings to quickly take on a certain market, is still quite competitive.

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  play each camera SLR photography enthusiasts almost a dream, especially for those who just poisoning, or players who have been deeply poisoned, thinking towards the screen like, to have one of their own digital SLR camera the more okay! I am also someone who has, in particular, can understand this idea, even at the time, I am reluctant to hold their own small digital camera out taking pictures, although this is an extreme approach, but it truly was an urgent expression of a state of mind.     indeed, have to admit that consumer digital cameras and EP2C50F672I8N digital SLR cameras and image quality results in the existence of a relatively large gap, especially in the case of more complex environment, the performance in particular. Someone once said: "make a good photo, the machine is not the most important, it is important that the machine behind the head", this sentence, I only agreed to half, of course, the concept of photographers and technical content of the decision of the photo itself and whether people want to express the expression of photography thing, but quality and color of these can not be changed, although post-production to a certain extent, compensate for this deficiency, but the deficiencies can not be changed, so the photography is more mature cases, the digital SLR is a natural thing.