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Canon PIXMAiP1600iP1600 use one type of cartridge, but the relatively large capacity ink cartridges for each color ink cartridges can print about 100 pages or so of the 4R photos. It uses a new ink system, three-color pigment ink color plus black ink dyes can be both black and EPF10K50EFC4843 white photographs and general text printing. The height of the new ink cartridge before the ink cartridge is also smaller than about 50%, which is a unique tilting appearance iP1600 reserved space. iP1600 light chic look, while the shape of the panel is more inclined to show in front of the user at a glance. The key body less function is not very comprehensive, but the job cancel button response is more sensitive, able to terminate the operation in a relatively short period of time, to avoid wasting paper and time. But by its location and costs, Canon PIXMAiP1600 only USB1.1 interface, memory card slot, etc. does not provide "compelling" function, and only one 100 of the rear feeder, but for ordinary home users , such a configuration has been able to meet the needs of everyday use.

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