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In fact, not only this S230, Founder Hancu also launched other products, and EPF6016QC2082 to "more cow configuration, more cattle prices," eight words exposed the violent escalation Founder notebook computers will be configured and while significantly lowering product price promotion policies The two "more cows" reflects the Founder and strive to bring consumers the biggest surprise of the determination. There is also the launch of two new products during the Hancu, a is the calf of the 2009 Lunar New Year, another new product is the R641, please click on view: "configuration is more beef cattle prices also started in 2009 Hancu Founder."

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In addition, in order to meet the double promotion and EPF6016QC2082 the arrival of the next Hancu, Acer introduced the theme of "New Year New Year machines, lottery good luck" - "True HD, better" campaign, the time from 2008 December 20 Japan continued to January 4, 2009, Acer has a full range of products involved. In this promotion, the Acer can be said that the next great original capital, not only the mini-notebook, the Ferrari LCD, notebook backpack gift, Taiwan and Taiwan 六日 more value travel awards, interested friends may wish to Click to view: " Taiwan 六日 Tour Acer08 under the original capital of Hancu pain. "