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Novice users to consider for printing, Canon PIXMAiP1200 special built-in super convenient software system that will help users to easily achieve a variety of printing. EasyPhotoPrint, requires only three steps to complete the photo printing; PhotoRecord, the album is a lot of fun making software that can help you design your own personalized print albums; EasyWebPrint, specially designed for web print design, web pages can be freely adjusted the proportion of on paper, suitable for cost-conscious home users.

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Epson ME1 using 4-color printing technology, ultra-fine ink droplets 6, a slight increase, with the Epson Micro Piezo print technology and EPM7192EGC16020 advanced print head positioning technology, can better be done on-demand inkjet, accurate control of print costs. Print speed, black and white print speed of 12 (ppm), Color Print Speed 5.4 (ppm). 12 pages per minute, to meet in the more mainstream inkjet printers, home printing entirely adequate. Epson ME1 + configuration 48 nozzles black Motou, color Motou nozzle 15 × 3-color (cyan, magenta, yellow), print the effect is more subtle.