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Reported】 【IT.com.cn NECN840 Shenzhen is the first true sense of the 200 million pixel camera phone, here the reason to emphasize the "true sense" words, because the 200 before the Mitsubishi M900 mobile phone with megapixel camera is 100 million effective pixels CCD camera, but due to the use Fuji's SuperCCD technology reached 200 million pixel interpolation results. The NECN840 is the real use of a 200-megapixel CMOS camera, and FDP2532 up to 6 times / 20 segment digital zoom.

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Function configuration, N840 for N830 is not just before the phone's camera simply upgrading to 200 million pixels, but the overall performance of the phone has a level of increase: first, internal display with a 2.2 QVGATFT inch large 26 million color screen, to achieve a high degree of precision 320X240 pixel resolution display is very superior; second, increased the MiniSD memory card support (up to 256MB), so the phone completely on the storage capacity a grade; Third, increased support for Bluetooth wireless technology, making connections in the data transmission on mobile phones and FDP2532 on a higher level; fourth, support for MP3, MPEG4 file playback, even more fashionable.