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Survey, quality, environmental protection, consumer prices and FDP2552 services are most important in product selection, four key indicators. Consumers in a survey of major brand recognition, the four key indicators in the middle and upper level, where price, service, satisfaction is relatively high, followed by the satisfaction of environmental protection, and service satisfaction is low. In the home improvement design and construction segment, consumer satisfaction, higher construction and environmental engineering and air quality concerns of the two higher. According to industry analysts, this is because after several years of intensive specifications, construction quality renovation has improved significantly, and in the choice of materials and environmental protection, consumers feel that not enough transparency, resulting in lower satisfaction indicators. The survey found that 66.50% of consumers prefer contracting not-included the fitting way. In addition, the survey also found that consumers in the home field of the top ten issues were most concerned about is how to ensure that the home improvement environment, how to identify the decoration quality, perfect after-sales service, customer satisfaction recommended home improvement company, providing home-improvement aspects of the design, consultation services, home improvement lectures, how to choose decorative materials, home improvement, building materials price transparency, the latest home improvement trends, organize more seminars and products, building materials market will be.

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In 2005, with the deepening of the national macro-control policies, the cement market oversupply. In this situation, the city of the cement companies continue to adjust strategy in previous years, the government's guidance and FDP2552 support, combined with practical, positive adjustment of product structure, removal of inefficient, polluting and more shaft kiln, a high technology content on a large The new dry process kiln. Currently, the city has a design production capacity of 100 million tons of cement enterprises 8, last year produced 40 million tons of cement enterprises with more than 15, more than 60 million tons of which 12 enterprises, more than 100 tons of 3.