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Industrial transfer of the world's energy sector opportunities as the imbalance in world economic development process, promoting industrial restructuring and FDP2570 shift, this adjustment and transfer trends in the oil field equipment manufacturing has emerged. On the one hand, many international oil companies for the introduction of multiple competition and break the monopoly of a few Western service companies service the market situation, to further reduce the cost of exploration and development, the company hopes to introduce new services to their market, the formation of multiple competitive situation. On the other hand, the majority of least developed countries do not have the ability of independent oil and gas development, or although with a certain ability, but equipment obsolete, backward technology, and advanced and applicable technologies and equipment {HotTag} there is an urgent need. In the current situation, world oil equipment manufacturing and service industries super giant U.S. company National Oilwell Inc. and Weatherford have the big mergers and acquisitions, drilling and oil production was caused by equipment market monopoly. However, because of this, forcing the user to actively seek alternative resources. Number of new small and medium oil equipment business came into being, they are to enter the market, minimize costs, naturally put China's oil equipment manufacturing industry as the preferred strategic partner. China Petroleum and increasing overseas investment in the export situation of China Petroleum Material and Equipment facing golden opportunities, but also benefit from the implementation of recent years, China Petroleum, "the international competitiveness of the multinational corporation" strategic objectives, "going out" the pace of increase large, foreign investment continued to grow.

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World Energy Council Vice Chairman Kim Hoon, Japan Energy Association Chairman TeruakiMasumoto, deputy director of China's National Energy Authority Sun Qin, and FDP2570 other officials attended the meeting. The three-day forum, issues including renewable energy development and new rural construction strategy, the promotion of renewable energy development and new rural construction policies and measures, market opportunities and leading technologies, development of renewable energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Guangxi Status of renewable energy development and challenges.