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FDP3632 Features

FDP3632 Ratings

Judged strictly on the function, T650 and FDP3632 K800/K810 is not much difference, but references T650 has the theme, the theme of the new dynamic and more to some. However, the functional, the Sony Ericsson T650 is 320 built-megapixel autofocus camera is the biggest selling point, but the screen area than the K800/K810 has been reduced, it is still used by 26 million color TFT screen and a resolution of QVGA level.

FDP3632 Pinout

HPOfficejetK7108 print A4 black text up to 25 pages per minute, color 20 pages per minute, the print A3 black and FDP3632 white documents at speeds of around 10 pages per minute print about 8 pages per minute color, to meet the user a higher efficiency in the office requirements. In the print quality, color resolution up to 4800× 1200dpi, more support for four, six-color ink cartridge exchange, to provide higher print quality, all-round quality of output to meet user needs. If used in conjunction with high-capacity ink cartridges, get black and white 0.29 yuan, 0.76 yuan in the low single color printing costs (A4 format), for the user to save more.