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In 2003, semiconductor lighting of the "Eleventh Five-Year" 863 Since the implementation of major projects, representing the highest level of domestic research and FDP4020P development. Today, China LED epitaxial materials, chip manufacturing, device packaging, phosphor and other aspects of technology with independent property rights have been apparent cell technology, an original part of the core technology, initially formed from the upstream material, middle chip preparation, packaging and downstream devices more complete integration of applications and industrial R & D system for the LED industry in China to some extent, bigger and stronger foundation.

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In 2003, Buffett dollar per share price of 1.6 to 1.7 to buy, and FDP4020P short-selling price of 11.26 Hong Kong dollars more than the minimum in this calculation, earnings more than 22.4 billion Hong Kong dollars. If we say that Buffett has received a huge sell-off in oil revenue can be considered only a mistake, then he is clearly very much mistakes. In 1995, the annual letter to shareholders, Buffett revealed several mistakes: "the end of 1993, I will be 1,000 million shares in the capital city of 63 dollars per share, sell, unfortunately, to the end of 1994, the company price becomes $ 85.25, (I can tell you that we had lost $ 222,500,000 of the difference, if you do not want to count the heartache to it); and when we in 1986 to $ 17.25 per share to buy the company's shares, to have to report that, in even earlier, that is, from 1978 to 1980, I had to sell $ 4.3 per share for shares in the company. "