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Epson R230 has a 5760 × 1440dpi print resolution, the smallest drop of 3 a slight increase, compared to one of 5 hair thinner, 15 pages per minute (A4 format), 6-inch photos about one per minute, A4 photos about 2 minutes and HCNW135 40 seconds out of one. Using 6-color (black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta) cartridge independent split according to use needs, the same color used for the same color, to avoid wasting unused ink in other colors, each color 70 yuan. Constant color glossy photo ink ink used in the traditional six-color ink, based on widened yellow and magenta color gamut, in addition to good lightfastness, resistance to erosion of the long-term preservation, the biggest change is that the senses more glossy photos.