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HP Deskjet3938 using HP's unique third generation "PhotoREt" color layering technology, input precision 1200dpi, it can achieve up to 4800 × 1200dpi resolution, best color output, black and HFBR2412TZ white print resolution up to 1200 × 1200dpi, black and white text printing speeds up to 16 pages per minute, 45 seconds to let you and your loved her (him) to life in 6-inch photos. It uses way forward on paper, can be placed close to the wall, greatly reducing the use of space. Meanwhile, the folding of the overall shape, the effect may also play a dust cover, to some extent avoid the result of dust inside the unit involved in output quality caused by the problem of declining. Also, the ink use, cleverly designed "single cartridge print" with "spare ink mode" to further improve efficiency in the use of ink, the effective cost saving supplies. As entry-level color inkjet printer, HPDeskjet3938 to achieve 4R (6 inches) Borderless photos up to A4 format and photo printing.

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HP Deskjet3938 is also a major feature of the use of ink, cleverly designed "single cartridge print" with "spare ink mode" to further improve efficiency in the use of ink. HP ink cartridges use the most common type is the 816 (black) and HFBR2412TZ 817 (color) cartridges. Price no higher than 80/130 dollars; and you can also choose from the ink filling method, in which case will be even more cost savings. However, Xiao Bian should also remind you that this is due to the adverse consequences of poor or non-professionals, plus the ink filling nozzle blockage caused problems. So, if you do not often have a lot of printing needs, then he might choose to replace the cartridges better.