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Blue Xingxincailiao Wuxi Resin Factory as the largest tree {TodayHot} epoxy resin, bisphenol A manufacturers, safety is always the number one "works" for many years maintained a good safety situation. Last year, the parent plant in China National Bluestar (Group) Corporation, British experts hired Roger as a "security director" went to the plant for research, director of foreign background in different corporate culture provides the "diagnosis" so that the plant security training, with profit. Employee safety training will be regular education from the past to enhance the emergency plan for the education unit, into the daily technical areas and HT600 conduct regular drills. The plant products in short supply since last year, the various sets of equipment during the New Year at full production, but always maintain a good safety posture. December 12, 2005 in Wuxi City Safety Committee unanimously adopted the annual plant safety assessment, and score points system based on thousands of the plant as a safety standard will be outstanding units. December 30 Xue-Ming, vice mayor of light the plant safety checks, also fully affirmed.

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The plant production scale in recent years the rapid growth of emissions does not increase protection against drop, not only achieved good social benefits but also create significant economic benefits. Person in charge of the plant, said investment in environmental protection in recent years, they more than 3,000 million for renovation, investment has been fully recovered. According to experts, the plant only through the emission of recycling use, to avoid the process of waste, to adjust energy structure, clean production measures to reduce emissions, and HT600 2 years of steam power to save water and ammonia more than 1,000 yuan. Their self-developed recycling technology {HotTag} epichlorohydrin reached the international advanced level, not only significantly reduce the COD discharge volume is considerable recycling of resources, the production of epichlorohydrin epoxy resin consumption level is always at home in the most good level. The original vain burning through the exhaust vent recovery, saving a lot of fuel and make the torch burning for 18 years, "long light" once off. Bisphenol A residue had trouble dealing with is "rubbish", the plant by the technology research, the use of bisphenol A synthesis of the mica tape residue gel WSR6101 Dedicated Short epoxy resin and coal tar epoxy coating, as the market sought goods.