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In 2006, China's copier market is still in the state remains in the doldrums, facing pressure of competition. In recent years, office supplies, laser printers and HT49R50A1 one machine in the rapid development of the Chinese market, and copiers, scanners and other office functions of these single-product development has been limited, more and more consumers are concerned not to be. The main copier products have a lot of manufacturers have also quit, China's copier market in 2006, leaving only a few leading vendors to carve up the market getting smaller and smaller piece of cake.

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It can be said copier market in China from 2000 to 2002 and HT49R50A1 a relatively high growth, and since 2003, the copier market began to show significant sales growth decline, laser printers and multifunction machines in the rapid development of copiers the main factor for market development. Although the copier technology is well established, but with the rise of printing technology and multi-function copier function and parameter is no longer unattainable, and laser printers and multifunction machines to the copier market development has brought great pressure of competition. Currently, the copier manufacturers have not fared well.