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Starting from the last month, consumers will find carefully, in Nanjing, the furniture market to buy some large furniture, the "bargain" has become difficult, sofas, beds, cabinets and HT6013 other wooden furniture, although the price Compared with the end of last year without much change, however, could have played Qizhe, discount for each purchase of furniture you can buy cheap now at most a fraction, that is, wooden furniture is also a disguised price increase.

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Hai Kai Yi from the Investment Advisory Management Ltd. data, along with two sets of mortgage policy was tightened, since the loans in July than in June decreased by about 25% over the same period. Many second home loan customers that purchase down payment requirement on the percentage of increase, coupled with two sets of mortgage interest rates in strict accordance with the benchmark interest rate to go up 10% on the basis of the implementation of the purchase cost has been greatly increased, many investment funds is not very abundant Customer suspend the purchase plan.