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During the interview, and HT6026 partly the work of a busy office workers, it is no time every day staring at the decoration, so they will choose a relatively high number of now well-known home improvement company, think it safer and more secure. The author in the survey also found a strange phenomenon, only a small number of people attach importance to after-sales service. Other people's opinions are, rather than to be faster and better service, not as the start off work to do at home, but also save the trouble of following. So they put more focus on the early and mid-term work.

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Construction Ministry spokesman said the application for evaluation of identified residential buildings and HT6026 public acceptance of quality of construction should be adopted and put into use more than one year, without any quality and safety incidents, non-payment of wages and the construction cost. In addition, if the building application for evaluation of the technical indicators and identification of the required three or more inconsistent, false application materials to be identified through the evaluation, identify the building will be revoked and the date of withdrawal, within three years, not Evaluation again identified application.