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With the improvement of living standards, green building materials become increasingly popular decoration. The data show that global air pollution caused due to respiratory diseases annually kill about 600 million children and HT6034 the elderly, life, green building materials at present only five percent market share of ten percent. So green, green interior decoration has become the first people to pursue.

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With the general improvement in living standards, people from the past have room to live single, live in good housing to the current changes in the overall environment of the home demands higher and HT6034 higher, people began to pursue quality of life and quality of life of free formaldehyde on the home plate even more unprecedented attention. Although the domestic industry is currently home decorative sheet to allow the formaldehyde emission: E1-class content of the product must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg / ml, while the E2 class products can only be a maximum allowable value of 5.0 mg / ml or less, but also already beginning to be a challenge, particularly from early next year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued the sheet product to allow free formaldehyde emission standards have been reduced to no more than 0.2 mg per ml, that is, according to current standard production of sheet exports will face new challenges.